Pat Farrell
Singer/Songwriter, Keyboardist & Entertainer
Quality music for your fine establishment, private or corporate party
available as a one man band, Duo, Band or "Billy Joel" Tribute Band

Pat Farrell
Seasons 52

Nov., 21, 28 ; Dec. 5, 9, 12, 26, 28, 30
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Pat Farrell
Clark Botanic Garden
Dec. 15, 16 -- 1-4pm
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Pat Farrell
Public House 55
Jan. 18, 2013 -- 8pm
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Billy Joel Tribute Band
 Pat Farrell is a Six Time Grammy contender and has been playing  to crowds of all ages around the country performing popular classic rock, ethnic and easy listening songs from all eras.

 Pat also performs with a Billy Joel Tribute Band and international recording artist and America’s #1 Alpine Rock Band dsb (die Schlauberger). They have sung the National anthem at  Carnegie Hall, Shea Stadium, Giant Stadium, and performed on the Fox Morning Show and QVC Television.

 He has recorded with Billy Joel Saxman Richie Cannata, Celine Dion violinist Mark Wood, and Marc Anthony Trombonist Ozzie Melendez on his solo release “I Got No Place to Be” which was in contention for the 43rd Grammy Awards.

 Many people have described Pat as Jimmy Buffet and Billy Joel wrapped into one. He portrays his motto in all his performances:
"The more people are involved, the more fun we can have!"

 Pat provides great live entertainment for your party, corporate function or establishment as a "One Man Band", multiple piece band, "Billy Joel" Tribute Band or America's #1 Alpine Rock Band Die Schlauberger.

  Pat Farrell @ Dr. OZ - TV Show
30 Rock - New York City

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I got no place to be

Song Listing:

1. Remember Tonight
2. What Were You Thinking
3. Two Of Us Make One
4. Right On Line
5 I Got No Place To Be
6. Something About You
7. Until The End
8. Miles Away
9. What Happens Now
10. Better Off This Way
11. You And I
12. Slowdance

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